The idea came through a cold winter night when insomnia hit violently my sleep. I needed to do something. Something different for my own standards. I am not lazy. In the opposite, my daily routine is quite full, of course for my own standards again. But, it was something else what I wanted. I wanted to contact people. To discuss. To change opinions and give them the chance to talk. To talk about things they love, about things they believe, about things they create. I didn’t want me to describe their work with a boring review or a live report. I just wanted them to “take the microphone” and tell themselves something about punk. The music. The attitude. The way of life. So, here you are and here I am, to interview, as often as possible, interesting bands, record labels, fanzines and individuals involved in the worldwide punk scene, collect their words, publish them on time, and then release them in a self financed publication / zine. Interesting people have always something to say. Interesting punks have even more things to say.

Winterview, 2013